Enterprise software disruption movement is well underway and we begin our journey in earnest to be part of that

12 January 2015 Raghuram Reddy Tera Company

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! New year brings new excitement.

With two kids and two companies now behind me, I am having a hard time figuring out which one was more exciting to bring to life: the kids or the companies :) While I grapple with that, I want to take the time to thank you for visiting us today and tell you about my latest quest. I am very excited to announce the launch of Cassini Systems. After toiling away for months, we have finally gone live today. We started Cassini Systems with the single-minded determination to change the de facto, old-school mindset of bulky, monolithic and expensive enterprise software.

In this day and age, buying any software (and turning it on) should be as easy as buying a book from Flipkart or Amazon. There are a number of consumer applications that do make it so easy. But, not the enterprise software space. Enterprise software is the 800 pound gorilla that moves slowly. And we just couldn't wait for it to catch up because by the time it gets here, the business world would have moved ahead further along, carrying the problems of today with them.

For 17 years I have been developing enterprise solutions, helping customers, big and small, streamline their business operations. I have seen companies struggle to implement these large enterprise solutions, spending millions of dollars, and in some cases failing to put a solution in place on their first attempt. Reasons behind these struggles vary, but at the root of these problems is just the sheer size and complexity of implementing these solutions. You need an army of consultants and IT professionals to implement and maintain them. For big businesses, these costs may be nothing more than rounding errors on their books. But, for small-to-medium businesses these costs are simply prohibitive. So they just buy inexpensive half-baked solutions which fall short of their expectations. Putting an end to these struggles with turnkey solutions built with deep domain knowledge from each industry is what motivated us to start Cassini Systems.

Enterprise software has been around for a long time. A number of companies have built numerous solutions for the business enterprise a long time ago. But, with the recent advances in technology, changing business perceptions and next gen employees, there is a new trend in the industry of breaking apart these bulky solutions and building them from the ground up as vertical SaaS applications that can be turned on with just a few mouse clicks. One company in particular that caught my attention is ZenPayroll. Payroll solutions have been around for a very long time. But, what ZenPayroll has done is disrupt that space with a more modern solution that customers simply love. Workday is another great example of companies disrupting the old-school type enterprise software. This is a promising trend that businesses can benefit a lot from and motivates companies like Cassini Systems to continue and contribute to this disruption.

I recently moved back to India and have been living here for more than a year now. During this time I have been trying to get a pulse on what the businesses are doing to improve their operations. What I found shocked me. Businesses in this part of the world are still using paper and at best email and believe it or not, WhatsApp for collaboration. Unlike the US or Europe, the problem is more serious here because of the the lack of knowledge of industry best practices that the western world has developed and acquired over the years. They are way behind and have a lot of catching up to do. Whenever a business runs into a problem, more people are assigned to deal with that problem for that moment. Use of IT systems (beyond email) for collaboration and process improvements is very rear, unless of course you are one of those large companies who have deep pockets. And this is true with other emerging countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Africa. They would love to adopt IT solutions to solve their problems. But, the expensive nature of buying, implementing and maintaining them is simply beyond their reach.

With Cassini Systems, we want to change all of that. We are building comprehensive, but affordable solutions for specific industries. Our solutions are easy to turn on and cost you nothing to maintain them. We take care of all the upgrades, bug fixes and customizations without any need for hiring and maintaining a large IT organization, so that you can focus on what is more important to you: growing your business. We initially picked six industry sectors where people and processes are extensively involved to run their businesses. These sectors are: infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics/transportation, government, healthcare and biopharma. Our pricing is very flexible and is subscription based (monthly or annually), which provides your business with affordability so that money saved here can be best invested on other, more pressing business needs. We are not just taking the cookie-cutter approach to this endeavour. Apart from using Cloud and Mobile, we are bringing newer concepts like Social and Gamification into our solutions that bring in all the goodness of these concepts that come from the consumer space. We are also looking at Internet-of-Things, where we can integrate devices with our solutions, especially in logistics/transportation, healthcare and manufacturing sectors. With our solutions customers can efficiently run, grow and transform their businesses. We are very excited about the potential opportunity, but more importantly about the chance to transform enterprise software as we know it today and play our part in the disruption movement that is well underway.

Visit us here often. There will be a lot of exciting announcements and updates from us in the coming weeks and months. Our team will be writing here frequently to tell you more about our company, the problems we are solving and about our solutions. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us via email or by phone. We look forward to hearing from you soon!