Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturers, both big and small, outsource parts of their production to third parties, either for lack of capacity or most probably for lack of resources. Cassini's marketplace allows manufacturers contract other manufacturers to produce subcomponents. Contract manufacturers register on our portal and provide detailed information about what they can do and what their capacity is and our system matches the right manufacturer based on our customers' needs. Customers can upload specifications, drawings, 3D models, requirements, spreadsheets, etc. as part of a RFQ and using machine learning and other performance indicators and factors best matches are invited to bid on the RFQs. Once a contractor is selected and work begins, the customer can track the progress of the order as the system has visibility into the manufacturing operations for this order.

Engineering & Construction Contracts

Engineering and construction companies rely heavily on contractors for some of the works for their projects. Tasks like engineering drawings, plans, foundation, concrete, electrical, etc. are outsourced to third party contractors with expertise in these areas. Cassini's Marketplace provides a platform to bring these companies and contractors together and streamlines the entire process from RFQ to delivery. Customers can upload their requirements, drawings, specifications, schedules and quality requirements to the marketplace and the system using machine learning algorithms will send these requests to the most qualified contractors. Once the contract has been finalized and accepted, customers can track the progress of the work order and communicate with the contractor on a regular basis and provide feedback.

Components & Parts

Manufacturing, power and mining companies procure a lot of materials, components and parts. Cassini's Marketplace connects these companies with suppliers, manufacturers and vendors to procure the components and parts they require. Customers initiate the process first by creating a RFQ, with a list of parts, their description, quantity and other information like quality and delivery schedules. The system then, using machine learning algorithms, finds the qualified vendors and invites them to the RFQs. Vendors will submit their quotes and send them back. Customer will then select a vendor or even split the requirements and send to different vendors. A purchase order is automatically issued to the vendors and the customer can track the status of the purchase order. Once the material has been delivered, the vendor can raise an invoice. This entire process is automated by our marketplace.

Construction Materials

Construction companies procure lot of materials for their projects. Cassini Marketplace provides a platform to connect engineering and construction companies with suppliers for procuring their project materials. Customers can upload their requirements and list of materials to the marketplace and using machine learning algorithms the system will match the most qualified suppliers to provide pricing information. This whole process is automated through a customizable RFQ workflow. Once the RFQ is accepted the system will automatically generate a purchase order. Once the material is received by the customer the supplier can raise an invoice and payment can be made thereafter. This process, end-to-end, is automated by the system. With seamless integration with the engineering and construction solution, customers can upload bill-of-materials from a project to the marketplace and create a RFQ automatically.

Machines & Equipment Rentals

Construction, power and mining companies use various equipment and machines for executing the projects and servicing their field operations. Cassini Marketplace provides a common place for machine and equipment rentals for companies. Rental companies can list their equipment and their availability schedules and locations they are available. Customers can either search the marketplace based on dates available and location or just send our a RFQ to the vendors.

Based on machine algorithms system will find the qualified and available vendors who provide the requested equipment at the selected location. Pictures and videos of the equipment also also available for customers to view. Once they find their equipment, they can book the rentals or reserve the equipment for the selected dates. The process of generating purchase order, invoicing and payment is automated in the system.

Railway Contractors Portal

Railway Contractors Portal connect contractors with RDSO-approved suppliers and automate the process of RFQ, delivery, inspection and inventory. RDSO-approved suppliers register with the marketplace and publish their catalog of materials. Contractors can then initiate a RFQ process or search for materials. Contractors get the best prices for their materials and suppliers get leads and business from the marketplace. When material is delivered to the contractors it is inspected by the railway inspectors before taking them into inventory. Supplier sends a lot of documentation along with material for certification and quality inspections. All of this documentation can be saved in the portal. Once the material is accepted by the inspectors it goes into the inventory. The portal also provides an inventory management solution to track material movements.

Engineering Services

Companies use a lot of engineering services for their construction projects or maintenance projects. Cassini Marketplace provides a common platform to connect companies with engineering service provides and automate the process of RFQ, selection, purchase order, invoice and documentation. Service providers can register themselves in the marketplace with their skills and capabilities and location. Customers can search them based on their requirements and availability and hire their services.

Using machine learning algorithms based on a number of parameters like skills, proficiency, experience, availability and ratings, the system matches the customer requirements with qualified service providers.

Shippers & Carriers

When material and equipment is purchased or rented, they have to be moved from one location to another. Cassini provides a marketplace to connect customers with shippers and carriers so that the material can be shipped to their desired locations. And for manufacturers, they can also use this service to ship their finished goods to their customers. RFQ can be initiated to get the best price for shipping the goods and the rest of the process is automated by the system from purchase order to delivery of goods and payment.

Using machine learning algorithms the system matches the most qualified shippers and carriers based on various parameters like availability, location and ratings.