Program & Project Management

Managing mining projects is challenging and prone to many operational inefficiencies without digitalization. Cassini's Program & Project Management module is a comprehensive solution to manage these complex projects throughout their lifecycle. From exploration to retirement, the solution manages all the data and automates all the processes in mining projects.

This module provides a number of features like pre-planning, cost estimation, budgeting, project cost management, daily task management, work contracts, document management, safety and quality inspections and dashboard & reporting. It also provides a lot of advanced features like operational intelligence by analyzing the project data using machine learning algorithms.

Estimation, Budgeting & Cost Control

Project estimation is a rigorous process that requires detailed, accurate cost estimates for the entire project. Cassini's Estimation module allows planners to breakdown the project costs into various components like exploration and surveying, land acquisition, equipment costs, procurement costs, operational costs, financing costs, etc. and arrive at an accurate estimate of the cost of the project.

The budgeting module allows you to allocate capital and track it through all the stages of the project. Estimated cost is compared with actual costs through every stage to assess the profitability of the project. The Cost Control module tracks all the budget allocations and expenses at each stage. All the income and expense transaction are tracked in the system. Cost Variance is calculated in realtime so that project managers can see where and how much the costs are deviating from the planned costs. There are a number of dashboards and reports included in this module to help the managers make the right decisions.

Exploration & Surveying

Exploration and surveying operations for both surface and underground mining require proper planning, scheduling, and execution. A lot of data, both scientific and non-scientific, is collected during exploration, which has to be properly managed and analyzed. Based on the data collected during surveying, a number of predictions like stockpile volume, quality of stockpile, etc.

Cassini's Exploration & Surveying Module provides a number of features like mine site survey data, 2D, 3D models and images of the site, scientific adjustments to survey data and planning & scheduling of surveying operations.

Mine Planning & Design

This module provides insight on key aspects of preliminary mine planning, including the critical components of water, energy, and access requirements, as well as mining method. It allows you to manage all the activities of planning and assessment of the operations like water and energy needs, facility needs, site access and transportation routes in and out of the site, mining methods (open pit, in site recovery, long-wall, room and pillar, and block caving methods), ore access (shaft location & pit sizing), mining sequences, waste management and removal, equipment sizing, mine scheduling, labor requirements and reclamation plans.

For the designing activities this module provides features like blasting design, spoil design, load-out design, equipment design, reclamation design, pit excavation design and shafts & tunnel design.

Drilling & Blasting Operations

This module drill helps mine operators achieve efficient and effective drill and blast operations with an environmentally responsible quality outcome. It helps to lower your drill and blast costs, manage your drilling consumables, explosive consumables and suppliers, monitor and report on your drill and blast KPIs, automate the processing of large amounts of data generated by drill monitoring systems and standardize your drill and blast process.

Drilling & Blasting Management module provides features like scheduling drilling and blasting activities, blast & drill patterns, blast inventory management, define charging rules, blast summary reports, blast analysis, production reports, blast test data reports and manage misfires.

Site & Pit Management

Site & Pit management module allow operations managers to plan, schedule and monitor resources, tasks and other activities at any given site. Task management and shift planner allows managers to assign tasks to personnel and track their progress during all the shift at a site. Activities dashboard helps the managers to monitor all the activities, past, current and planned, at any site in one place. This gives them a detailed overview of what's going on in the sites and pits. Using access control feature, operations managers can control who has access to what parts of the mining site. Using cameras installed at various locations of a site, managers can monitor progress and get real time insights into what is happening there.

Resource Management

Resources like intangible, human and technical, have to be efficiently managed to maximize their productivity and improving the profitability. This involves matching the right resources with the right skills to the right task, coordinating their day-to-day activities, enhancing their skills, monitoring their utilization and tracking their costs.

Cassini's Resource Management module allows mining companies to optimally align their valuable resources to the mining activities in the plan. You can create an organizational structure and align it with the project responsibilities based on their skills and talent. It offers many features like resource planning, scheduling, forecasting, auditing and risk assessment.

Stockpile Management

One of the biggest challenges with stockpiles, is the measurement of quantity and quality parameters. Mining companies would ideally like to measure their stockpiles A) Accurately and B) Frequently. Tracking the movement of stock in and out of a pile is also as important.

Cassini solution provides a comprehensive stockpile management with features like auto-measurement of quantity using 3D volumetric modeling of the stockpiles using radar, laser and drones, quality check using computer vision and sampling, monitoring of incoming and outgoing stock, coordinating with hauling operations and generating details reports about stockpiling operations. The 3D model takes into account different material parameters including bulk density, angles of rill and repose, stacker discharge rates, and stacker discharge point in 3D space to represent stockpiles with high detail and accuracy.

Monitor Loading & Hauling

Loading and hauling excavated materials represents a very significant component of the total operating cost of a mining. The load-and-haul operation is a series of continuous cycle that is made up of different production steps or activities.

Cassini's Loading & Hauling Module monitors various parameters like time for spotting at loading (time required for a truck, as soon as it arrives near the vicinity of the loader, to manoeuvre into a stopping position for loading), loading time (total time for the loader to load the bucket of the truck to its required payload), hauling time (total travelling time for a loaded truck to reach the dump site from the loading site), empty travel time ( total travelling time to for an empty truck to reach the load site from the dump site) and queuing time (total time an empty truck has to wait in line before it can manoeuvre into a position for loading).

Fleet Management

Mining fleet operations are complex and challenging, especially given that they run 24x7. Any breakdown in the vehicles affects the productivity of the mine and causes delays in the project deliveries. With an automated fleet management system the operations team can gain visibility, control, and insights into your loading, hauling and dumping activities.

Cassini's Fleet Management Module provides a number of features like realtime vehicle tracking using GPS and telematics, planning & scheduling, driver management, fuel management, monitor truck off-routes, track engine overspeed, monitor payload compliance, vehicle maintenance and safety management. With IoT and Machine Learning, the system provides a number of meaningful, actionable insights into the fleet operations. It streamlines equipment assignment, payload control, and dispatch, helping you get more out of your mine.

Asset Management

A modern asset optimization system can help mines to go from reactive to predictive maintenance strategies, avoiding unnecessary maintenance and reducing operating costs. It enables the optimal operation of a mining asset to realize maximum benefits at minimum cost. It helps to detect and resolve potential issues before they cause problems and sustain your asset management improvements.

Cassini's Mining Asset Management is a comprehensive solution provides features like asset classification, attributes (functional and technical), maintenance planning and scheduling, machine logs, spare parts management and inventory, service bill-of-material for each vehicle and equipment, services work order management and dashboards & reporting.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance helps operations to predict failures and breakdowns before they happen. An operator is alerted by a predictive maintenance alarm if equipment needs repairing. They can access the maintenance system, see all upcoming work orders and easily add new orders. The field engineers can view the same information on their mobile devices and together they can decide on the optimal maintenance plan.

Cassini's Predictive Maintenance module provides features like condition monitoring, rules management, alerts and notifications and predictive analytics. It promotes the creation of complex asset-specific monitors that not only makes use of the raw device data itself but also integrates it with process and environmental information to put the data into context and deliver more precise condition statements. This concept can be extended to complete production areas such as hoists, conveyors, mills and grinding and flotation circuits, thus creating a new level of insight into plant performance. It also provides many dashboards and reports.

Risk Management

Mining operations pose a number risks like worker safety, stricter regulatory compliance, environmental concerns and heavy reliance on technology. Having proper risk management programs in place helps mitigate the losses and liabilities.

Cassini's Risk Management Module provides a number of features like reliability analysis, failure mode and effect analysis, mine safety risk analysis and human health and ecological risk assessment. You can define the risk matrix and all the factors within each category and assign a risk factor based on historical data and define contingency plans for each risk factor. Managers can then track this matrix during execution and act accordingly when any risk event occurs.

Quality & Safety Inspections

Quality of the end product is the most important criteria for profitability in mining. Cassini's Quality Inspection module assure the quality of all materials, structures, components and systems utilized in the construction, manufacturing and operation of your industrial facilities. It allows the quality inspectors to monitor the quality of all equipment, materials, structures and components is subject to strict regulations and standards. They can verify materials, parts and final products through independent checks, audits, inspections and witnessing

Safety Inspections is a high priority for mining operators. Worker safety and safety of the equipment and other assets poses a higher risk for mining companies. Cassini's Safety Inspections module provides features like safety audits, safety inspection reports, incident reports and many other related features.

GIS Mapping & Drone Monitoring

The business of mineral exploration and extraction is inherently spatial. Since most mines cover large expanses of land, managers require access to volumes of location-based information to guide the operation. For this reason, the tasks of mine management are perfectly suited for geographic information system (GIS). GIS is a versatile tool for gathering, storing, and accessing geographic information quickly and easily.

Cassini's GIS Mapping Solution helps engineers and operations staff use GIS for facility planning applications, helping miners keep track of existing infrastructure and integrating up-to-date information with the mine plan. Facility managers also use GIS to incorporate recent survey data with block models or design data from other software packages. And using arial images captured through drones, more realistic 3D models can be generated. Drones can also be used to assess safety and monitor assets and fleet at the mining site.

IoT & Machine Learning

With the huge volumes of data collected by IoT sensors and devices at any single mine site, machine learning can be applied to optimize production workflows, operation efficiency and not to mention mine safety.

CassiniThings™ & CassiniML™ applied to mining allows mine operators to collect data using sensors and using machine learning algorithms for analyzing this data in real-time much quicker, giving the mine the ability to make decisions quicker and identify issues with more accuracy. Using computer vision and deep machine learning, on-board cameras are placed on loaders to track variables such as loading time, hauling time, dumping time and travelling empty time. By capturing images and information via sensors & video cameras and analysing that information via comprehensive data models, mine managers can make adjustments to optimise performance and efficiency