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Platform Features

Enterprise Cloud

Cassini Platform is built on multi-tenant microservices cloud architecture for performance & scalability.

Enterprise Mobility

Our platform provides many mobile features to access product and project data from anywhere on any device.

Enterprise Social

Enterprise Social provides many features for connecting, sharing, collaboration and communication.

Data Modeling Engine

Extend existing data models or create new data models to build new applications using our data modeling engine.

Low Code Development

Our low code development environment in the platform allows you to extend existing applications or build new ones quickly.

Security & Access Control

Our Platform offers various levels of security and access controls so that you have better control on your data security.


Data Localization

We offer data localization to abide by any data protection laws and compliance requirements that you and your customers and partners may have.

Multi-Language Support

Our platform and applications support various languages that can be set at both system level and user level so that users can select their choice of language.

Self Provisioning

Platform provides many self-provisioning features so that you can control and create users, distribute licenses, track usage and manage your account.

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