Grid Automation

Grid Automation Module provides a number of features to monitor and control the entire grid including substations, transmission lines and power stations. It provides real-time monitoring, control and fault alarming of the entire power grid. It provides a graphical view of the entire grid (optionally on a map) and show real-time data at each node in the grid. Operations team can monitor and control any node in the grid from a central command center.

Grid Automation Module provides features like location-based grid visualization, real-time data & analytics, alert system, and dashboards and reports. With IoT and Machine Learning integrated into the solution it provides breakdown analysis and predictive analytics across the entire grid, which provides deep insights into the operational data.

Intelligent Substation

A substation in a grid is an important component of power distribution. Having realtime visibility into the functioning of these substations allows operations people to monitor and control them in realtime. This minimizes blackouts and provides flexibility to re-route the power to other more needy substations. It also allows them to send field services people to attend to any breakdown and avoid delays in restoration.

Cassini's Intelligent Substation Monitoring module provides a number of features like input and output power monitoring, surge monitoring, breakdown monitoring, re-routing through intelligent switches and field services integration.

Smart Switch

Smart Switches leverage sensors and embedded intelligence to provide superior response to system conditions by tackling problems locally as they occur. Embedded intelligence enables these smart switches to respond more efficiently to changes in system conditions, thereby improving service reliability because power is restored in seconds.

Cassini's Smart Switches integrate hardware, sensors and software to monitor power flow and control the input and output intelligently. With realtime weather monitoring smart switches can predict outages before they happen. With integrated field services, it can create a service request so that the maintenance people can respond in time.

Smart Metering System

Smart Meters are digital meters that can transmit power consumption in real time from the consumer location to the central monitoring center through cloud. These meters also allow the operations people to control them remotely. Other features include loss of power notification, remote load limiting, remote connection and disconnection, reporting meter tampering, communication with other smart devices in the house or facility.

Smart Metering System contains smart meters, communication infrastructure and control devices. The system also collects diagnostic information about the distribution grid and can measure energy consumption from the grid. It collects and transmits parameters like meter identification, timestamp of the data and power consumption values.

Program & Project Management

Energy companies or government entities are continuously building new or expanding existing power generation and distribution infrastructure. This is a complex undertaking that involves planning, design, implementation and managing of all the phases of such projects and programs.

Power & Energy Project Management module provides a number of features like planning, budgeting, costing, designing, resource planning, scheduling, inspections, procurement and document management. It also includes other advanced features like contract management, Request for Proposals, Request for Quotes, Compliance Management and Workflow Management.

Remote Monitoring & Control

Remote Monitoring & Control Module allows operations team to view, monitor and control all the components in a power grid from a central location. It provides a number of dashboards and KIPs to track power generation, distribution and consumption throughout the grid in realtime so that the operations team can respond to any outages or breakdowns.

Role-based Dashboards, KPIs and Reports are provided by this module for all the people involved in the operations. With machine learning, the system provides predictive analytics, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and automates many operations.

Energy Distribution Management

Energy Distribution Management System provides advanced monitoring, analysis, control, optimisation, planning and training functions, allowing operations personnel to provide more reliable, safe and efficient power. It collects data from all the nodes in the distribution network and analyzes them and using machine learning, it provides deep, actionable intelligence into energy distribution.

Cassini's Energy Distribution Management System integrates IoT, monitoring devices, metering systems and machine learning to provide an intelligent platform to monitor and control energy distribution in the grid. It interfaces with other operations applications such as geographic information systems (GIS), outage management systems (OMS), and customer information systems (CIS) to create an integrated view of distribution operations.

Smart Building System

Smart Building System is a state-of-the-art technology, offering one single smart platform which connects everything and everyone in the building. It connects and communicates with everything in a building from power, lighting, climate, HVAC and security system. With smart sensors connected throughout the building systems, they collect data and send it to the central processing unit where it is analyzed in real-time. With condition monitoring and machine learning algorithms they can predict failures, shutdown and breakdowns before they happen so that the maintenance people can respond quickly and attend to them.

Cassini's Smart Building System provides a number of other advanced features like energy reporting, smart maintenance, predictive analytics, smart rules, dashboards and reporting, issues & notification, building health monitoring and smart controls.

IoT & Machine Learning

IoT and Machine Learning play a critical role in building intelligent power and energy management system. With smart sensors, devices and equipment installed throughout the power grid and machine learning driven analytics various manual and boring tasks can be automated and made efficient.

Cassini's Intelligent Power & Energy Management System is build on the same platform as the other solutions with CassiniThings™ and CassiniML™ integrated seamlessly into the solution. These features are available in all the modules in this solution in some form or the other. With smart rules editor a number of operational rules can be setup that will be validated in realtime when the data is coming in from the remote devices.

Field Service Management

Power & Energy Management is a complex and can be challenging, especially when weather impacts service or causes an outage. From managing inspections, maintenance or repairs, pole audits and upgrades, construction projects, service orders and meter installations, your field technicians are busy every second of the workday and sometimes go into overtime.

Cassini's Field Service Management module digitally transforms power & energy maintenance and upgrade operations. It provides effective work order management, job scheduling, dispatch and rout optimization, asset visibility, resource management, spare parts management, site history and document management. With mobile application on tablets and phones field service personnel can access and upload information directly from the field.