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A comprehensive, end-to-end business solution

Product Details

An end-to-end solution to efficiently manage all aspects of your business operations Organizations can conjoin, organize and maintain data necessary for operations by using Casiini.ERP. This product is mainly build for enterprises to plan and control whole operations of an organisation.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Know what your customers wants and manage all aspects of your engagement with them by streamlining sales, marketing and service activities. Help your sales reps generate leads, manage them efficiently and turn those leads into paid customers.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Manage employee information, daily attendance, time off, their performance, and all other aspects of your employees. Manage your payroll efficiently with integrated attendance, salary, bonus, allowance and deductions and other benefits.

Order Management

Automate the entire order workflow from customer entering the order to approval, inventory check, invoicing, packaging, shipping and delivery confirmation. Similarly, automate the customer returns and eliminate errors and delays.

Shipping Management

Manage and monitor the entire shipping process including managing shipper information, transportation, delivery confirmation. Customize the workflows to suite your unique needs and keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Production Management

Production management facilitates BOM, material requirement planning, production order management, production processes, machine breakdown history, vendor management, inventory management. These features enable you to deliver quality products in time.

Inventory Management

A comprehensive inventory management solution that includes material flow, inventory configuration, stock movement, min-max level notification for every individual product. Optimized inventory control can save you space, time and money.

Accounting & Finance

Manage, monitor and measure your costs, revenue and taxes Accounting module includes general ledger, accounts receivables & payables, bank reconciliation, VAT analysis, TDS and service tax. A number of reports are provided which can be customized to suite your needs.

Analytics & Reporting

Our analytics & reporting tools help you gain deep insights into your business from the lowest level of operation to the highest level of monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports. Each module comes with a set of reports, which you can customize according to your needs.