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A comprehensive Inventory Management

Product Details

Cassini.IM is a comprehensive inventory management to manage your inventory and ensuring the smooth operation of your business. Cassini.IM offering real time information on current stock levels and values including stock on order, raw materials, work in progress and finished goods, material procurement, shop floor automation, stock movement and material flow. Following picture shows you an overview of Cassini.IM.

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Cassini.IM helps to create a Digital Twin of your warehouses. This is exact replica of your warehouses with all the necessary details covering from Departments to warehouses to racks, shelves and bins. And all these are marked with barcode for easy identification using Cassini.IM Mobile app.

BOM: Bill-of-Materials

Cassini.IM BOM Management capabilities helps you to create, import and manage the BOM / Parts information. This can be single source of approved materials and parts list to manage inventory. This BOM data is the source for all the inventory management transactions like Inwards, Requests, Issues, Returns, and Reports.


Cassini.IM facilitates to create multiple workflows for all your inventory processes like Requests, Issues and Returns. Workflows helps to standardize & automate your business processes. Workflows also helps in speeding up and tracking operations thus improving productivity.

Requisition Process

Cassini.IM offers automated workflow process for material requisition. Once a request is raised, automatically necessary notifications are sent to approving authority. As soon as the request is approved, Store manager is notified to issues the material requested.

Stock Movement

Stock Movement shows the in & out movement of the stocks due to sale, transfer, sales return or stocking in inventories. Stock movement provides a clear picture on which batch number material is moved to which locations.


Parts or Material flow offering tools for fast and accessible material flow, after completion of requisition process purchase department get notification to raise purchase order. When receiving item material tracking will be done by purchase order number. Based on the CPN (Corporate Product Number) and Assemble number material can be track and know the purpose of using the part or item.


Inventory cycle count is nothing but an internal audit for your system inventory and physical inventory. System will generate accuracy report based on physical inventory entered this will provide you an accuracy report to check how perfectly inventory has been used.


Lots are stored in a queue in stock rooms by date of expiration, lots have been issued first in first out (FIFO) basis. Cassini.IM provide alerts when material reaches expiration status. And automatically disable to issue any expired materials.

Dashboard - Reports

Cassini.IM displays right information with right access privileges as Dashboards. These dashboards will give a quick access to complete inventory status thus helping to make faster and better informed decisions. In addition, can generate reports to provide better insights into Inventory information.


Inventory Tracking & History of used inventor

Unique auto part number for every item, short and easy search option to check inventory by stock in hand, stock on order, units of measurements and track all inventory activity. Know complete history of an item/part. System will track the history of items, requested by whom, issued to whom, where it was used and item lend from which supplier.

Supplier Management

Digitalise your supplier information, maintain an approved vendor list and track the delivery date and issue orders to suppliers with least delivery time.

Requisition & Workflow Creation

Push notification for stock reorder level and create your own workflow for approval process, mentioned workflow members will get notification and there will be no waiting for approval you can approve it from anywhere from mobile.

Barcode and QR code generation

Easy to find inventory by using Barcode or QR code, save your time to find the item location of an item. This will show you the exact location of the bin where the item was located. Mobile/Tablet/Desktop app Check inventory from anywhere Access inventory information from anywhere with our mobile app, approvals for requisitions, issue items. No waiting for approvals, save time and improve productivity.

Communication and collaboration tools

Tools to communicate with groups and individuals, which will lead to production efficiency, cut down delays in production, issue tracking and quicker results.