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A comprehensive logistics and transportation solution

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Cassini.LT offers both shippers and carriers a number of benefits to streamline their business operations. Shippers will have access to a wide business network of other shippers and transporters. They can efficiently manager their storage space and warehouses. Carriers on the other hand can make use of our robust fleet management features and optimize their route planning by using our mathematically driven algorithms. We also offer realtime tracking and monitoring of your entire fleet. Following picture gives you an overview of all the features in Cassini.LT.

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Cassini.LT offers comprehensive fleet management features for the carriers. With realtime GPS tracking, your organization can monitor your fleet. Fleet maintenance records and history is an important feature of Cassini.LT. Managing driver assignments and trucking dispatch operations is a breeze. With integrated social tools your operations team and drivers can be connected for better collaboration and communication. With gamification you can create driver score cards and assign points and badges for timely delivery, cost efficiency and safe driving so that your drivers are incentivized to perform well on an assigmment.


With integrated realtime GPS features, you can plan your fleet's routes efficiently so that you can transport the cargo quickly and in a cost effective manner. With rising gas prices you can save a lot by better rout planning using Cassini.LT. We have a number of mathematically driven algorithms to plan your multi-city deliveries. You can perform a number of performance analyisis like profitability analysis of a particular route and make wise decisions.


Cassini.LT offers a number business process optimization features. Its workflow engine automates fleet routs with automatic updates from your routing plans. Drivers can be notified of any changes in routes automatically. Cassini.LT also offers a number of back office features like billing, invoicing and document management.


Working with shippers and integrating with their instance of Cassini.LT offers both shippers and carriers to automate transport assignments. With access to our our connected business network of shippers and carriers, new sales opportunities are pushed to you in realtime.


If you are a shipper and have a number of warehouse dispersed geographically, then managing them efficently can save you a lot of money. With route planning you can manage drop off and pick of cargo from these warehouses and automate that process. Managing container space and warehouse storage is a breeze with Cassini.LT.


Knowing what's in your warehouses and where they are located in realtime can help you manage storage space effectivey. Cassini.LT offers a number of inventory management features: tracking different parameters like quantity, count, weight, date brought in, date checked out, client information tied to cargo.


With an integrated supply chain management, your shipping and or carrier business can benefit a lot. Managing vendor information, their goods/products, their clients information and schedules of delivery of those goods can help you automate the process of moving those goods from suppliers to their clients.


Cassini Systems provides a unique service to our logistics/transportation customers. We provide all our shippers and carriers access to our shipping market place so that they can bid on RFQs from normal customers or other shippers/carriers. We are creating a vast network of shippers, shipping agencies, and carriers so that our customers can expand their reach for new business opportunities.