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A comprehensive manufacturing execution system

Product Details

Cassini.MES is a comprehensive manufacturing execution system to manage all your manufacturing processes and real-time feedback for requirement changes. Cassini.MES offering digital shop floor management,inventory management process planning, work instructions. Following picture shows you an overview of Cassini.MES.

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Plant Structure

Creating a digital twin of the complete Plant structure will help organize the Resources like Tools, machines and workers. This Plant structure will also help in Production planning and execution.

Resource Management

Cassini.MES helps to create and manage the library of all the reusable resources - tools, machines, material, manpower etc. These resources when allocated to operations is tracked and resource utilization is calculated and analyzed.

Process Planning

BOM, Plant and Resource information in a single system helps to quickly create a Process plan with a sequence of operations. Each operation is defined with the parts, tools, plant area used with time allocated for the operation.

Shopfloor Work Instructions

The process is planned with the process animations can be used to create electronic work instructions to help Shop floor operators to review and perform their job. These electronic work instructions delivered to shop floor operators to improve productivity.

Production Planning & Scheduling

Production planning and scheduling, allows to accurately plan and schedule all the production orders. With real time access to shop floor data production managers can schedule new production orders and monitor the progress. Prioritizing production orders in special cases are much faster and managed efficiently with Cassini.MES.

Quality Management

Cassini.MES provides an easy way to configure and build Quality templates to match to customer specifications and business processes. Cassini.MES integrates with necessary machines to collect the quality data from Shop floor machines for quality checks.


Cassini.MES manages and controls all the Product Process & Quality data in single systems helping faster retrieval using Advanced search mechanisms. Cassini.MES configured with pre-defined templates to quickly create Log Books & product manuals.

Analytics & Reporting

Extensive reporting and analytical tools provided. Cassini.MES displays right information on Dashboards, these dashboards give a quick access to complete Shop floor operation status thus helping to make faster and better informed decisions.