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Cassini.MS is a comprehensive manufacturing solution to manage all aspects of your product development, from concept, to design, manufacturing, quality and support. With Cassini.MS, your product teams can work collaboratively, optimize your processes and make sure quality products are designed, produced and supported. Following picture shows you an overview of Cassini.MS.

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Early on in product development, there are a number activities in R&D and design groups that need detailed data management features to track requirements, documents and changes. Checkin/checkout, lock and release are some of the features offered by Cassini.MS. Social tools like expertise management, chat/IM and professional network, your teams can collaborate through out the initial stages of your product design. Data management also allows you to manage your parts library. Categorizing and searching your parts is easy with Cassini.PM. It provides an extensive search feature to find and retrieve technical, cost, quality and other parameters very quickly. We offer a number of integrations to authoring tools like MCAD and ECAD so that Cassini.MS is seamlessly integrated into to your team's workflows.


Product lifecyle management allows you to define, track and monitor all aspect of your product development, from concept, to design, manaufacture, quality control and support. Managing bill-of-materials (BOM), documents, change management through Engineering Change Request (ECR) and Engineering Change Order (ECO) are some of the advanced features. With integrated workflow engine Cassini.MS allows your teams to automate the change management and approval process. With role based security you can control access to different product information so that only authorized users have access to sensitive data. Many of the social and gamification features can be enabled for various entities and activities. With builtin social tools your product teams can collaborate and communicate throughout the lifecycle of a product. With maany of the gamificaiton features like points and badges, you can motivate and incentivize your teams to perform to their fullest potential.


With factory operations management features in Cassini.PM you can monitor shop floor activities in real time. By capturing all the shop floor data, you can perform analyisis like Overall Equipment Effectiveness and utilization. If your factory has compliance needs, you can use our integrate compliance module so that you shop floor is fully compliant. Statistical Process Control with actionable intelligence allows you to improve your product quality and manufacturing operations efficiency.


With Cassini.MS' quality module you can measure, analyze and improve your product quality throught its lifecycle. You can define a number of quality parameters for design manaufacturing, parts and components, BOMs and documents and track them. Guidelines for conformance, standards and audit requirement can be managed with Cassini.PM. You can create and manage tickets and return merchandize authorizations (RMAs) in Cassini.MS.


Managing supply chain data is critical to a product's success. With Cassini.MS, you can manage you vendors and parts/components they supply. All the technical and parametric data for these parts are integrated into your part libraries so that your teams have full access to that information to make better decisions. Integration with other supply chain systems and ERP systems are available.


Regulatory and standards compliance management comes out-of-the-box with Cassini.MS. Environmental requirements like ROHS and WEEE can be defined and managed for your products as well as your parts/components and BOMs. We provide a number of audit tools and reports to check these requirements and take corrective actions.


With some features from our logistics/transportation solution, you can manage the distribution process for your products. For small-to-medium businesses this is a helpful function so that they don't have to invest in another system to manage this data. With integrated barcode features packaging and labeling your products is easy. With packaging information integrated with product data you can improve your product compliance by making sure your product labels and packing meet the requriments.


Improving product quality with customer feedback is nothing new to product development and manufacturing. With our integrated customer support feature, you can can capture after market performance data with customer logs, tickets and feedback. With this information your quality teams can track down the problems quickly and make sure they are eliminated. Your R&D teams can use the customer input and log files integrated with quality module to identify issue like component failures, vendor quality, etc. so that they can make better decisions.