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A comprehensive product data management solution

Product Details

Cassini.PDM is a comprehensive Product Data Management to manage all your data relating to a particular product. It provides all features like parts classification, data management, document management, workflow, multiple security level and etc., Cassini.PDM system excel at managing product-related development processes and associated data to a major extent.

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Parts classification solution, provides you to make the most effective use of enterprise part assets. Catalogue all your products and parts, Cassini.PDM facilitating companies to maintain critical data required to drive high value decision making in areas like reuse, standardization, and cost management.


Engineering Data management Mange your documents like design files, part specifications et… Cassini.PDM enable you to Find the correct data quickly, improve productivity and reduce cycle time, reduce development errors and costs. Organise your data in shared folders with security levels.


Change management require company to improve quality, reduce time-to-market and manage costs. Cassini.PDM facilitating you part and document change processes, avoid delays in product launch, reduce errors, delays, scrap and rework, improve product quality and reduce cost.


Document Management Cassini.PDM's document management offers a number of features like version management, change notification, role based access control, and comments/messages to communicate with team members. You can also create workspaces and folders to organize your documents based on functions, type and time. Cassini.PDM's document management also allows you to track reviews and feedback. You can also manage your engineering drawings securely with Cassini.PDM. All document stored in Cassini.PDM are index and can be searchable using keywords or attributes. You can search latest or all versions of your documents.


Any government work involves a prescribed workflow. Cassini.GS offers an integrated workflow solution so that you can automate your processes. Setting up workflows and managing/monitoring them is very easy. With real-time notification and updates your organizations can move work along smoothly.


Collaboration Cassini.PDM offers a number of communication tools that your project teams can use to inform and be informed about all aspects of the project. You can use tools like comments, in-context messages across different entities like projects, tasks, documents, estimates and procurement. A well informed team is a well-managed team. With features like "Like" and star ratings integrated the gamification points/badge system, you can motivate your teams to communicate more and often.


Security Cassini.PDM facilitating application security, item level security, approval authority, document security. This involves admin have to provide permissions to view /modify data, access to view engineering drawings and vendor details to approve materials etc…


Knowing what's in your warehouses and where they are located in real-time can help you manage storage space effective. Cassini.PDM offers a number of inventory management features: tracking different parameters like quantity, count, weight, date brought in, date checked out et…