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A comprehensive Train Monitoring System

Product Details

Cassini.TMS is an automated Train Monitoring System focused at automating the current manual inspection of Railway Tracks, which are critical for safe running of trains. Cassini.TMS devices fixed to trains will continuously capture and monitor the Tracks, Signals, Joints, electric and electronic components for any malfunctions. Cassini.TMS captures the complete journey as Videos with accurately marked GPS positioning. Cassini.TMS also provides a 4-way camera viewer to help any future analysis for any engineering activities.

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Auto Video Capturing

A simple and comprehensive application to record video footages from all 4 sides of the Loco, single click will launch all four cameras from inside the Loco with tablet app. A click will start and stop the recording.

Capturing Signals

Fixed electronic device covers view from all four sides of the Loco. It will capture signals too, so that history will save and know if there are any signaling issues.

Video & GPS

Video capture is integrated with GPS Positing information linking each video frame to a GPS position. This information will help us in analyzing the video and identifying the right GPS location of any malfunction.

Mobile & Tablet app

Very user friendly and simple app to connect all electronic devices fixed on Locomotive to record video and GPS tracking. Just a single click to activate all video devices. These video recordings will be available for any future references and analysis.

Inspection Videos

All the inspection videos are uploaded to Railways portal for archiving and future references. Complete trip information for each inspection video is captured and stored in Cassini.TMS. Trip information contains Trip ID, Loco No, LP Name, ALP Name and all other related info.