Smart Train System

Auto industry and the aerospace industry have been going through a transformation in using modern technologies to make them smarter by building a lot of sensors into them and analyzing the data collected to provide intelligence into its functions. Trains also need to go through this transformation.

Cassini's Smart Train System contains two components: sensors & devices on the train and surrounding environment and machine learning engine and computer on board with processes the data from the sensors. There are a number of parameters that the system tracks tracks and based on the configures rules and conditions the system provides valuable information to the pilot on board and command/operations center at a remote location that monitors the trains.

Smart Signaling System

Smart Signaling System monitors the trains train traffic and automates the signaling and safety operations. A number of sensors, cameras and activators are installed near the signals that captures the data and is analyzed in realtime to activate and deactivate the signals. Train operations personnel can monitor trains and signals from a remote command center.

Smart Signaling System comes with a comprehensive software applications that allow both the station managers and signaling engineers to monitor and manage train movements in the network. With realtime visibility into these movements, safety engineers can take quick decisions to prevent any accidents. With mobile accessibility, track safety engineers can be notified about any problems who can resolve them quickly.

Project Monitoring System

Railway projects are expensive, complex, take along time and a lot of resources to complete them. Any delays in these projects will cost a lot. Managing these projects end-to-end efficiently becomes important to get them done on time and within budget. Cassini's Project Monitoring System is a comprehensive solution to manage all the phases of a railways project, starting from estimation, planning, budgeting, execution, procurement, inspections and commissioning.

Project Monitoring System contains a number of modules that provide various features to all the stakeholders in the project. Project managers can plan and monitor project progress in realtime. They can keep track of the budget and monitor costs through out the project and take corrective actions with all the valuable information available to them. They can also monitor the material movement in and out of their stores. Material traceability is provided down to the individual task and materials knowing exactly who took the material for what tasks.

Train Monitoring System

Safety is the highest priority for railways. They perform frequent inspections on trains and tracks and identify any problems. Today this process is manual and involves lot of resources to complete these inspections. Inspector board a train and visually inspect the tracks and signals along the way and manually record the finding in a book. Once the inspections are done there is no further recording to view them later by other safety personnel.

Cassini's Train Monitoring System eliminates these resources by automating these inspections using technology. It uses modern technologies like on-board cameras, GPS, mobile phones, tablets and computer vision and machine learning to automate the collection of data, video, and analyze them by the built-in machine learning algorithms to identify problems. Once the data is uploaded to the central server, it is available to all authorized personnel.

Passenger Feedback System

With thousands of stations and millions of passengers traveling by train, providing quality service to these passengers is a huge challenge. Their feedback on various services provided by railways is the most important factor in improving customer satisfaction.

Cassini's Passenger Feedback System is an AI-driven system that collects feedback from thousands of touch-enabled kiosks installed at various locations and analyzes them and provides actionable intelligence to improve customer satisfaction. These kiosks are installed in various functional locations at railway stations like platforms, canteens, ticket counts, waiting rooms, etc. and collect their feedback about their services. This helps the management to identify the areas for improvement and react quickly to complaints from passengers.

Maintenance Management System

With thousands of trains running everyday, keeping them in good condition poses a huge challenge for the maintenance teams. Process automation and digitalization saves time and money and improves efficiency. Maintenance history and schedules allow the teams to manage such huge operations with easy.

Cassini's Maintenance Management System is a comprehensive solution that automates the maintenance operations across the board. It allows you to manage maintenance of rolling stock, railway stations, and other infrastructure and maintain this data in a centralized database so that the decision makers can monitor the operations with ease. The system also allows the teams to manage spare parts inventory and monitor stock movement and coordinate with purchasing or stores to so that parts are available to the maintenance teams on time.

Material Management System

Railway operations involve lot of materials for various functions like engineering, maintenance, etc. Tracking these materials at this scale is a challenge. It requires a centralized database that tracks all the transactions like goods receipts, goods issued, goods transferred, etc.

Cassini's Material Management System is a comprehensive solution to manage all the materials procured from vendors and issued to various departments. It tracks everything from inventory, stock movements, purchase orders, authorization workflows, etc. A number of dashboards and reports are also provides which give lot of meaningful insights to the decision makers. The system also tracks threshold levels for critical materials so that the procurement team can be notified when the inventory falls below certain levels.

Workshop Management System

Workshop Management System is a digital platform which helps railways in automating workshop activities including digital work order management, digital reference for step by step process, online resource management, material management, real-time tools & machinery availability, automatic emergency alerts, automated notifications to relief train/relief van team, estimated time to finish an order and many more features.

Some of the main features of Workshop Management System are: Digital platform to automate workshops, Digital work order management, Capturing downtime and production time automatically, Realtime resource & machinery availability, Automated emergency alerts, Digital material management system.

Production Management System

Railways manufactures most of their engines, coaches and other equipment. Managing these production operations without an automation system is a huge challenge. Cassini's Production Management System is a comprehensive solution to manage all production related operations, starting from design to manufacturing, quality and maintenance.

Production management system provides a number of modules like CAD data management, product lifecycle management, change management, BOM management, revision management, quality management, document management, production order management, planning & scheduling of production orders, etc. It also has built-in asset management that can manage all your production resources like machines, tools, jigs & fixtures.

Inspections Management System

Inspections Management System (IMS) captures and stores the inspection reports electronically and manages and analyzes the inspection data and provide various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Reports for the officers and other key decision makers in the department. This system automates the collection of data, analyzes the inspection reports and enables notification of concerned officers for quick actions.

With well-defined workflows within the system, proper processes can be enforced. By integrating the inspection data from various departments, IMS enables collaboration between all the concerned departments. By centralizing the collection and management of data from all the regions, the management team can access this information from anywhere.