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L ogistics and transportation industry is an integral part of the economy - locally, statewide and nationally. It is a fast changing, process/resource-intensive industry, with a number of challenges. On one hand, all costs need to be lowered and on the other hand, the industry is striving for optimal customer service. Other issues this sector faces are profitability, competition and regulatory compliance. This industry requires a well organized logistic & transportation management tool, which can strike a balance between costs and customer needs. The two key players in this industry, the shippers and the carriers, need to work together to maximize their profits. And both their business processes have to streamlined in order to achieve this goal.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.
- Paul J. Meyer

Success in this industry is defined by getting the goods to your customers at the shortest time and at the lowest cost. If you streamline and automate your processes you can eliminate many overhead costs and pass those savings to your customers, thus creating an edge for yourself over your competition. When you have visibility into every detail of your operations, you can make your decisions faster and save money and deliver great customer satisfaction. Optimizing your operations is ever more important now than before as fuel prices are rising and cutting into your profits. Today, most businesses use basic technologies to manage their information and business processes. These technologies can get you only so far. In order to fully streamline your business processes you need a comprehensive, end-to-end solution.

Following are some of the challenges this industry is facing today:

Capacity Utilization

In today's transportation industry, whether you have tens or hundreds or thousands of vehicles transporting goods, under-utilization of container space on a given route is a huge problem.

Inefficient Routing

If your business serves on a large transportation network with multi-city deliveries, routing your vehicles is not easy and rising fuel costs and driver salaries can hit your bottom line.

Fleet Management

Your fleet of trucks is your biggest asset. Optimal planning can minimize your fuel costs, maximize capacity utilization and eliminate shipment delays. Ad-hoc routing of your trucks is inefficient and expensive.

Disconnected Business Network

Your business often relies on a network of other transportation agencies for sales leads. Lack of an efficient network of these agencies and their leads often force your fleet to be under-utilized.

Warehouse Management

If you are a shipper you will most probably have warehouses where goods in transition are stored. And if you have a network of warehouses in different locations managing them efficiently is a huge challenge.

Order Management

Shippers and carriers need an efficient order management system, without which they risk delays in shipment and a slide in customer satisfaction. Streamlining your order management can help eliminate these problems.

Relevant Products

Cassini Systems offers a number of products to meet the needs of today's logistics and transportion industry.


A comprehensive solution for the industry that provides many tools to manage all aspects of your business.
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A comprehensive document management solution with built-in workflow engine to manage your documents.
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Automate your business processes, order management and fleet management with our robust workflow solution.
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A people solution to effectively manage employees and teams and improve communication and collaboration.
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Relevant Services

We offer a number of services that complement our products so that you can maximize the return on your investment.

Business Analysis

We do a detailed assessment to understand your operations and make recommendations on best practices and suitable products. We work closely with shippers and carriers to streamline your business.
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Data Migration

If you have any legacy systems in place or are using some basic tools today, we can migrate all the historical data to our solution and convert any paper documents to digital form and get you up and running quickly.
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Configuration & Customization

We offer a number of configuration and customization services to meet your exact requirements. We work with your operations teams and tailor our solutions to your business needs.
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System Integration

If you are using other IT systems we can seamlessly integrate them with our products so that your existing business processes can work smoothly with our solutions, thus maximizing your ROI.
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