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M anufacturing industry is constantly evolving with time. Today's manufacturing is a lot different than what it was a decade ago. It has become more complex due to a number of factors like shortened product cycles, distributed teams, global supply chains, contract manufacturing, changing customer needs and disintegrated information systems. To keep up with the growth and demand the need for the manufactures to streamline their processes and adopt new tools and technologies to improve these processes is ever increasing. These tools should manage the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products. Product lifecyle has different phases and each phase has different needs and challenges. These phases are described below.

PHASE 1: Describe, define, develop, test, analyze and validate

The first stage is the definition of the product requirements based on customer, company or market needs. From this specification, the product's major technical parameters can be defined. In parallel, the initial concept design work is performed defining the aesthetics of the product together with its main functional aspects. Many different media are used for these processes, from pencil and paper to clay models to 3D CAD software.

PHASE 2: Describe, define, develop, test, analyze and validate

This is where the detailed design and development of the product's form starts, progressing to prototype testing, through pilot release to full product launch. It can also involve redesign and ramp for improvement to existing products as well as planned obsolescence. Another task performed at this stage is the sourcing of bought out components, possibly with the aid of procurement systems.

PHASE 3: Manufacture, make, build, procure, produce, sell and deliver

Once the design of the product's components is complete the method of manufacturing is defined. Once the manufacturing method has been identified production management comes into play. This involves production engineering and production planning for carrying out factory, plant and facility layout and production simulation. Parallel to the engineering tasks, sales product configuration and marketing documentation work take place.

PHASE 4: Use, operate, maintain, support, sustain, phase-out, retire, recycle and disposal

The final phase of the lifecycle involves managing of in service information. Providing customers and service engineers with support information for repair and maintenance, as well as waste management/recycling information. There is an end-of-life to every product. Whether it be disposal or destruction of material objects or information, this needs to be considered since it may not be free from ramifications.

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Depending on what you are manufacturing, the lifecyle phases could be simple or very complex. It may involve small teams or very large teams, geographically dispersed or in the same location. Irrespective of the complexity or the size of your teams, managing these phases is critical to your business. There are a number of advantages our solutions provides.

Centralized product data

Data from different phases of product lifecycle is managed in a single system, which gives you a 360° view of your product data that helps you make better decisions.

Insights into critical processes

Whether it is new product introductions, or newer versions of existing products or just new variants our solution gives you critical insights into these processes.

Detailed change management

Our system will track every change that goes into your products from all the phases of its lifecycle. With an integrated workflow engine you can precisely control these changes.

Manage your bill-of-materials

Managing your BOMs, and tracking all the changes through a product's evolution is not easy. We make this easy by providing a number of tools to managing your BOMs.

Organize your part libraries

Our solution provides a part manager which allows you to organize your parts, manage their parametric data as well as related documents like CAD models and datasheets.

Design data management

We offer a number of features to manage your designs, including 2D/3D CAD drawings, specifications, datasheets, etc. You can also track changes and do design reviews.

Enhance part and design reuse

Reusing existing design and parts saves you time and money. We provide a number of features that makes it easier to find reusable designs and parts.

Manage your supply chain data

Our solution offers a number of features to manage your supply chain data, like approved vendor list and manufacturer part data (part number, cost, lead time, etc.).

Improve product quality

With integrated product quality management, you can make sure your teams can deliver products at a higher quality and eliminate or minimize costly errors.

Enhance product collaboration

We offer a number of collaboration and communication tools in our solution so that your teams can work together and deliver products faster.

Better reporting and analytics

Our reporting and analytics module gives you deep insights into your product data. It allows you to customize your reports or setup dashboards to suite your needs.

Standards and compliance

With a built-in compliance module you can make sure your products, designs, parts and vendors are all compliant to regulatory standards and requirements.

Continuous improvement is not about the things you do well - that's work. Continuous improvement is about removing the things that get in the way of your work.
- Bruce Hamilton

Relevant Products

Cassini Systems offers a number of applications to not only manage your day-to-day product operations, but also achieve operational excellence through out your product lifecycle.


An end-to-end manufacturing solution to efficiently manage all phases of your product lifecycle includes PLM, PDM and some SCM.
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A comprehensive document management solution with built-in workflow engine to manage all product and process documents.
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A robust workflow management solution to automate change management and eliminate errors and improve traceability across your operations.
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MES integrates with necessary machines to collect the quality data from Shop floor machines for quality checks.
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Relevant Services

We also offer a number of services that complement our products to get the most out of your investment. Following are some of the services relevant for the manufacturing sector.

Business Analysis

We do a detailed assessment to understand your product operations and make recommendation on best practices and relevant products. We work closely both within your organization as well as your suppliers and partners.
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System Integration

You may have other systems in place already. We offer services to seamlessly integrate those systems with ours to get the most out of our solutions which helps to make your product decision faster.
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Configuration & Customization

We expect some of the features your product operations need may not come out-of-the-box. For such requirements we can configure and customize our products to meet your exact needs.
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Data Migration

If you are moving away from an existing solution to ours or moving your data from other systems, we offer migration services to jump start our solutions and hit the ground running after deployment.
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