Supply Chain Planning

Efficient product development or project execution requires proper planning of material requirements and procurement strategy. Supply Chain Module allows your product and project teams to accurately plan, schedule and procure materials and components based on the delivery schedules. It aligns requirements with demand planning and makes sure that the materials are delivered on time and eliminate the need to hold too much inventory.

With machine learning algorithms and based on the data collected over time, the system can predict and act on a number of parameters like lead times, time to delivery, supplier quality, compliance data and seasonal of demand.

Supplier & Vendor Management

Suppliers are an integral part of your product and project value chain. Collaboration with your suppliers throughout this value chain is important to your product development and project execution. Parts and materials will be sourced from various suppliers at different stages of your product development.

Cassini's Vendor Management module provides features like assessment criteria, material and service categorization, risk definitions for each vendor and contingency plans, contract management, vendor audit tools, compliance management, workflow management and dashboards & reporting.

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Demand Planning & Forecasting defined as the process by which the historical sales data are used to develop an estimate of the expected forecast of customer demand. Demand Planning & Forecasting provides an estimate of the of goods and services that customers will purchase in the foreseeable future.

Cassini's Demand Planning & Forecasting module provides many features like budgeting, financial planning, sales and marketing plans, raw material planning, production planning, risk assessment and formulating mitigation plans. With CassiniML™ integrated into the solution, advanced features like predictive analytics provide deep insights and actionable intelligence into the planning operations.

Procurement Management

Procurement process involved purchasing materials, components and services to build projects and products. Procuring goods and services from external suppliers can be a critical path for many projects. Often, the performance of the supplier will reflect on the performance of the overall product development team. It's therefore crucial that you manage your suppliers performance carefully, to ensure that they produce deliverables which meet your expectations.

Cassini's comprehensive procurement management module automates the process by capturing all the data in this process. It provides a number of features like identifying goods and services to procure, create purchase orders and issue them to suppliers, receive goods and services from suppliers, track contract milestones, review supplier performance, identify risks and communicate with suppliers.

Inventory Management

Whether you are managing inventory of materials or finished goods, maintaining the right inventory levels is key to profitable business operations. Having too much or too little inventory may cause production delays or lost sales opportunities. Automating the tracking, monitoring and calculating inventory in realtime saves money and time.

Cassini's Inventory Management Module provides a comprehensive set of feature to manage your stock. These feature include inventory control, barcoding and scanning, demand forecasting, lot and serial number tracking, expiration date tracking, manage kits and bundles, reorder levels, automated SKU management and integration with other modules like warehouse management. With IoT and machine learning many intelligent operational insights are provided.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Module allow your organization to control and administer warehouse operations from the time goods or materials enter a warehouse until they move out. Operations in a warehouse include inventory management, picking processes and auditing. It provides visibility into an organization's inventory at any time and location, whether in a facility or in transit.

Cassini's Warehouse Management Module provides a number of features like warehouse design, inventory tracking, receiving and put away, picking and packing goods, shipping, labor management, yard and dock management. With IoT and Machine Learning, it provides a lot of meaningful analytics to the decision makers.

Contracts Management

Contract Management is an integral part of Supply Chain Management. There are a number of details like pricing agreements, delivery schedules, quality parameters and risk factors that are included in vendor contracts.

Cassini's Contract Management is an intelligent solution that manages all the data when negotiating and executing contracts. It provides many features like contract RFx (RFIs & RFPs) management, evaluation & selection criteria definitions, intelligent contract authoring, smart forms, proposal management, risk and compliance assessment, review and approval workflows, collaboration and communication. It manages the entire contract lifecycle from requesting, authoring, collaboration and signing to operationalizing.

Shipping & Receiving

Managing shipping of finished goods/products and receiving materials and components is a complex process. Automating this process eliminates bottlenecks and streamlines various operations. From order management, to receiving delivery conformation, all the operational steps have to be automated.

Cassini's Shipping and Receiving Module provides a number of feature like purchase order management, sale order management, invoicing, packaging, customer returns (RMA), drop shipping, advance shipping notice (ASN), lead time management, barcoding and delivery confirmation. With machine learning, it also provides predictive analytics and insights.

Quality Inspections

Quality Inspections of purchased goods occurs so that a company can verify that the product is within certainly prescribed tolerances in order for the product to be useful. Quality inspections enforce the quality parameters agreed in the contract and return the items that fail to comply with these parameters. Ensuring that the parts and raw materials are of the correct quality or specifications before the item even enters the facility is a key aspect of ensuring total quality of the finished goods.

Cassini's Quality Inspections modules provides a number of features like contract terms, third party inspections & certifications, inspection reports, visual inspection findings, sampling, return authorizations and rework of parts.

Collaboration & Communication

With Cassini's Supply Chain Collaboration module, companies can develop an effective communications process with their vendors, which leads to numerous benefits such as better inventory planning, reduced costs and overall optimization of supply chain management processes. A number of tools like email integrations, automatic forms, messaging, document sharing, etc. are provides in this module so that a company can communicate with its vendors during all phases of supply chain lifecycle from planning to contract negotiations and delivery of materials.

With CassiniML™ and using machine learning algorithms and condition monitoring, workflows can be customized to send automated messages to the vendors based on certain events in the supply chain lifecycle.

Asset Management

Supply Chain Operations involve many assets like vehicles, fork lifts, cranes and other moving equipment. Keeping track of these assets and managing and monitoring their lifecycle poses a big challenge. Vehicle and machine breakdowns cause loss of productivity, time and negatively impacts the bottom line.

Cassini's Asset Management module automates the tracking and monitoring of a company's assets to extend their life and improve their efficiency. It provides a number of features like maintenance schedules, alerts and notifications, spare parts management, work order management, resource management and document management. With IoT and machine learning it also provides many intelligent features like predictive analytics and predictive maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance tools monitor the condition and performance of in-service equipment, such as a fleet of vehicles, to reduce the likelihood of failures. The aim of predictive maintenance is to help companies save money by reducing the frequency of maintenance tasks and minimizing the disruption to the business.

Cassini's Predictive Maintenance module provides a number of features to collect the data from sensors, analyze it and provide alerts automatically. Some of these features are computerized maintenance management system, IoT sensors and telematics. With machine learning, predictive analytics and condition monitoring it can predict breakdowns before they happen so that corrective actions can be taken.

Document Management

Effective document management eliminates unnecessary paperwork and clutter and digitalizes the document workflows. This improves communication, speed and traceability. And with digital signatures it streamlines the approval workflows in the supply chain processes.

Document Management module provides a comprehensive set of features like centralized access, secure vaults, access controls, automatic revisioning. view and download history tracking, document approval workflows, digital signatures, mobile access and google-like search. Supply chain teams can organize all their documents in logical folders with proper access controls defined on them to prevent unauthorized access to the documents.

IoT & Machine Learning

With IoT and Machine Learning, Cassini's solution provides a number of intelligent features to automate collection of data across processes and analyzing it to provide actionable intelligence. With sensors deployed across various processes like warehouse management, transportation management, fleet management, asset management, and inventory management, numerous parameter are collected and analyzed in realtime. With machine learning, features like predictive analytics and breakdown analysis are made easy.

CassiniThings™ and CassiniML™ are both integrated into the Supply Chain Management solution to make it smarter and intelligent.